CE Marking

A lot of products has to be CE marked before they can be placed on the European market. This includes inter alia toys, most electrical or electronic products, fireworks, gas appliances, machinery and a lot of other product groups.
Legislation obliges business to undertake a correct CE marking of these products. If not, it is illegal to sell the products and the authorities may stop the sales.
CE marking means that the business must pass the following stages for the product:
  1. First you have to clarify which directives are applicable for the particular product. Some directives require that the product be tested at an independent third party laboratory. Other directives allow the manufaturer/importer to undertake the testing.
  2. Next you have to make a risk assessment for each directive. In practice thie implies that you must assess which standards are applicable and if these standards do indeed cover all relevant risks for the product.
  3. Then you have to test whether the product actually fulfills all requirements in the standard. If you are the manufacturer, you will do the testing yourself (or ask someone to do it for you). If you are the importer, you will acquire test reports and certificates from the manufacturer (and check that they are indeed correct and complete).
  4. Once the business has compiled all this information, you produce the declaration of conformity and places the CE mark on the product - and then you can start selling the product.

It is a big advantage for the business to use checklists and procedures to support the CE marking. It will ascertain that you include all relevant parameters and it will help you document what you have done. Torben Rahbek can help identify the appropriate directives, prepare the risk assessment and help develop checklists and test programmes.

Business is allowed to do it itself but experience shows that the business frequently will include too much - "better safe than sorry". That makes the task too comprehensive so it will easily be left "until we have the time". Torben Rahbek can help break down the CE marking process in reasonable "bites" so that the business will get started and achieve visible results quickly.