Torben Rahbek provides training, lectures and workshops if you need an overview of the product safety legislation or if you want a bit of inspiration for the further work with product safety and certification.

The training is fitted to the company. It can have a duration of anything between an hour and a full day depending upon the subject, the target group, the purpose and the level of detail.

Below you will find some examples for inspiration:

Product Safety

Learn about the rules on the product safety area: Which are the duties for the producers? What does it mean in practice? How do you relate it to the practical work in the business? Are there any gaps? How do you get started?
It is often an advantage to organise the the training as a half or a whole day where staff with stakes in the product safety work in the company will discuss gaps and opportunities inspired by presentations from Torben Rahbek. The end result of such a seminar will normally be an outline implementation plan.


Torben Rahbek will present the legislation governing recalls of unsafe products. What is required and how do you manage in practice? The training builds on a European "Best practice guideline" and will present numerous examples. The training will also connect the theory to the practical work in the company where the training takes place.

The training can be used to trigger a discussion of the steps in a recall procedure for the company. The participants are able to develop an outline during the workshop.

CE Marking

Torben Rahbek presents the rules and principles in CE marking and the establishing of the technical file.
  • What can the business do itself and where is it legally obliged to get support from third parties.
  • Which tools are applicable and how are they established? Can the company develop them itself?
  • How to compile a technical file with the required documentation?
  • How to draft a declaration of conformity?
  • How to maintain the technical file and the declaration of conformity?

How is your workshop going to be?

The training can be organised in many different ways: Presentations, with or without exercises, it can serve as inspiration for discussions all depending upon your wishes and demands.
Feel free to get in touch to learn more about the opportunities.